November 2010

ScrumTips 22 - 26 nov '2010

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Too much water for a scrum training

pmScum BlogpostGloomy dark night. Headlights reflect on the wet tarmac. My windscreen wipers can barely hose the water away. Ha, the enjoyment of giving scrum training on location.

It is around ten o’clock in the evening. By now, I should have been in a warm hotel room for a last check of  the training material for tomorrow, but I sit here, somewhere stuck on the autostrada, with my back broken due to the long drive. The biggest part of the last ninety minutes, I’ve spent standing still in a gigantic traffic jam. What’s the point of having a car that can do more than fifty miles an hour?

But it is getting better.  Since I took the highway exit, I see isolated houses and  small villages though still a lot of water. Some miles in front of me, I distinguish the lights of the city I am heading to.  It gives me a pleasant feeling of coming home.

Through the rain, I can’t precisely see where I am driving, but frankly I don’t care.  My GPS is on and I am following the pink line advancing over the small LCD screen.