Why agile PMs burn-up faster than traditional PMs


Last week, I was giving a scrum training in the Netherlands for a group of seasoned PMs. Most of them are working in the IT-sector but together they covered the whole species of the PM. All together they must have had some 160 years of experience.

As always when giving an introduction about agile values and scrum to an audience of PMs, the interaction was vivid. Some were defending the traditional way of doing projects (waterfall), others were totally in favor of doing it the agile way.  


Implementing the Agile and Lean Organization

Let's Implement the Agile & Lean Organization 


Using Scrum, or KanBan, or … even better (a bit more generic): Lean techniques, or Agile techniques. Or Voodoo ….Or even much better (a mix of generic): a little bit of all of the above.

Oh what the heck, let's call it common sense.